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At the beginning of our study, our aim was to present the Gospel to the Muslim using God's book as our guide. The Muslim's misunderstanding of the contents of the Word of God, made it necessary that we emphasized the fact that the Injeel is a message of redemption that is found throughout the Scriptures, i.e., in both the Old and New Testaments. I conclude with these observations.

1. No Christian who goes to the Muslims with the aim of converting them to the Christian faith may entertain any doubts about the reliability or infallibility of the Bible. We have noticed more than once that Muslims charge us with having corrupted the Bible. They claim that what we have today is not the authentic Scriptures. The conviction that the Bible is the Word of God with final authority in all areas of life comes from the Holy Spirit. It is a faith commitment. The Belgic Confession of Faith, that dates from the early days of the Reformation, puts it this way, “We receive all these books, and these only, as holy and canonical, for the regulation, foundation, and confirmation of our faith; believing without any doubt all things contained in them, not so much because the Church receives and approves them as such, but more specifically because the Holy Spirit witnesses in our hearts that they are from God, and also because they carry the evidence in themselves." (Article 5)

2. No Christian may go to the Muslims unprepared or half-prepared in his knowledge of the Scriptures. This implies the necessity of an adequate acquaintance with the Bible, its background and most importantly, its rightful interpretation.

3. By rightful interpretation I mean specifically the use of the Bible in order to preach Jesus the Messiah. In other words, I am referring to the necessity of a Christ-centered Bible exposition. We must be on our guard, especially when dealing with the Old Testament books, lest we approach them as if they can be understood without taking the person and work of Christ into consideration. Christ is our Savior, Redeemer, Liberator and Emancipator from the awful power of sin and evil. This is our testimony. We must never be ashamed of this good news. But we must be equally aware that, according to the Biblical testimony, the proclaimed Word of God – the preaching of Christ as Savior and Lord, this word of faith – is God's instrument of salvation. In the Reformation heritage, this is known as God's means of grace. What I am getting at is that God himself has chosen this means to save people. We may refer to such passages as Romans 10, and I Corinthians 1 and 2, and Hebrews 1, 2 and 3, in order to see the crucial importance of the proclaimed Word of God.

4. In our work of missions among Muslims, as in any other work, we are never on our own. The Holy Spirit blesses the faithful testimony based on His word and uses it to bring about the radical change in the heart of the Muslim. We must have faith in the Holy Spirit as the primary agent in missions. This gives us courage and patience, as well as a proper understanding of our own role in missions.

5. Finally, we must realize that God has been, is and shall always be, more concerned about Muslims and others than any one of us can ever be. Christian missions belong to God, not to us. It is our privilege to be involved in them. Our great concern should therefore be our faithfulness to the message, the Injeel of Jesus the Messiah, and our willingness to lovingly and patiently present it to the Muslims of today.