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Needed: Global Solidarity with the Iranian People

May 05, 2023
By Bassam Michael Madany

Needed:  Global Solidarity with the Iranian People

Bassam Michael Madany
12 December 2022

My concern for the brave people of Iran took me to several sources where I learned about the ferocity that the Regime is using to end the unstoppable Intifada of the Iranian people. 

On Thursday, 8 December, the Iranian authorities carried out their first execution of a protester, who was convicted of injuring a member of the security forces. Mohsen Shekari, a 23-year-old student was hanged in Tehran after a sham trial. 

His uncle living in Germany commented, that having listened to the proceedings of the trial that were telecast, he was convinced that his nephew’s confession was forced. Mohsen’s voice never sounded like that! Most likely, more executions would follow, as the Regime’s only measure that might frighten the masses and end the revolution.

Having watched the news first on the German DW website, I turned to AL-HADATH, an Arabic-language channel. I listened to a heart-rending Interview with an Iranian human rights activist from London. With tears coming down her eyes, she described the situation in her homeland that reached the point of no return.

“For the last forty-three years, Iranians have been living in fear. Fear that someone is listening to your phone conversation. When the doorbell rings, you wonder whether the police has come to arrest a member of the family! If one leaves home to buy food, would he come back without delay?”  She went on, “the Iranian Islamic regime is not going to surrender; for them it’s an existential matter. The young generation isn’t stopping their revolution either, they’ve had enough humiliation and depravation! No one knows how long this stalemate is going to last!”   

On Monday, the 12th of December, a second protester was executed by the regime. Majid Reza Rahnavard who was detained during anti-government protests, was convicted for allegedly stabbing two security officers to death during demonstrations. Human rights activists say nearly 500 people have been killed, in the nationwide protests that began in mid-September 2022. 

The wording of the charge against the protesters caught my attention: they are classified as "moharebeh" — i.e., waging "war against God," a crime that carries the death penalty under Iran's Islamic law. Now that the issue has been raised to a Supernatural level, there is no need for discussion; either submission, or execution! 

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