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Islam's Reconciliation with Modernity A Dream or a Possibility?

May 05, 2023
By Bassam Michael Madany

Islam's Reconciliation with Modernity
A Dream or a Possibility?

Bassam Michael Madany
21 Novmber 2022

In his Program No. 162, Brother Rachid welcomed Hamed Abdel-Samad, the German-Egyptian writer to discuss ISLAM’S FIVE ILLUSIONS.

Universality [Valid in all Time & Place]
Suspicion of Others [Conspiracy Theory]
Uniqueness [Allah’s Revelation in Arabic]

These “Illusions” may be considered as The Basic Motifs of Traditional Islam.

While discussing this subject, Abdel-Samad referred to his recently published book on the history of Islam from Muhammad’s days to the present, referring to facts that remain unknown to the rank-and-file Muslims.

As the dialogue progressed, Brother Rachid asked Abdel-Samad: “If these Illusions still dominate the Muslims’ outlook, what hope can there be for the future?”

Abdel-Samad responded: “I remain hopeful. The young generation’s outlook [reference here is to the Arab youth] is changing, thanks to the Internet and the social media. I hear from many young men and woman who appreciate my programs. They long for the liberation of the Arab mind from the fetters of the past and yearn for Islam’s reconciliation with Modernity.”

Nowadays, when lectures are proceeding on a website, the audience can post their comments. Which enables the speaker to gauge the impact of his/her message on the listeners. Thus, when Abdel-Samad expressed his hope for the future, he based it on the comments and responses he had received from his audience.

I listened to Brother Rachid’s Interview and read comments that appeared on the screen. Most were in Arabic, a few were in English or French. 

Here are samples of translated comments.

“This isn’t an ordinary program. It consists of a realistic analysis of our 1500-hundred-year cultural catastrophe. Thanks very much” 

“Thanks, Brother Rachid, for inviting Professor Hamed Abdel-Samad to enlighten us with this lecture.”

“Merci pour votre contribution pour éclairer les personnes envoûtée par cette doctrine néfaste à l'humanité entière. Encore, merci pour votre éclairage. Continuez à éveiller les esprits”

“Oh my God! Been waiting for this episode many years ago, it’s a while your two legends haven’t been together can’t wait to watch” [Original words]

“An excellent program with two famous intellectuals participating in this lecture! Please more programs of this type!” 

“Wow! Fantastic discussion done in an excellent manner with Brother Rachid asking questions. Excellent dialogue. Hamed Abdel-Samad explains the topic simply and adequately.”

“Utterly exhilarating! The greatest enlightenment pioneers to gather! Just LOVE this "Duetto" [Original words]

“Brother Rachid, and Professor Hamed, you’ve done a marvelous job. You diagnosed the various ills of Islam. Hoping that would enlighten the Muslims. Thanks, may the Lord bless and protect you!”

“The best two people ever! I cannot wait to see and listen to the subject.” [Original words] 

“Both of you are blessed and great, I like your cogent analytical illustration. Please continue with your long way of pursuing the freedom for the lost, deceived, and muted by Sabre rattling.” [Original words]

“Merci, je vous souhaite une très bonne continuation Salutation de la Kabyle”

“Bravo J'ai beaucoup appris merci encore une fois pour vous deux l'islam son temps est terminé Salutation de la Kabylie.”

“I can’t express adequately my joy when I listen to Professor Hamed Abdel-Samad expressing his realistic, logical, and enlightening thoughts!”              
“The best two people ever; I cannot wait to see and listen to the subject.” [Original words]

“As you listen to Rachid and Hamed, you can say surely there’s hope for change in our world”

“Le vidéo pouvait être traduit en français et en anglais, un bienfaiteur de l’humanité pouvait se proposer de payer le prix de la traduction et de la diffusion.” 

“You both are great and gifted men. we do admire and respect both of you very much!” [Original words]

“C'est un entretien en profondeur pour aller plus loin avec un témoin de notre temps ! ... Merci à vous. “

To watch the Interview with Hamed Abdel-Samad, use the following link

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