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The West’s Predicament: Unable to Heed Warning Signs

Bassam Michael Madany

3 November 2020

I am typing these words on the afternoon of Election Day in the United States of America. I decided not to watch television regarding forecasts for the results. It may take days as some experts have been telling us. So, I decided to reflect on the Islamists attacks that took place in France and in Austria in October and in early November.

Having read several reports on the subject in both American and Foreign news media, I am struck by the fact that to date, the West has missed reading warning signs that were offered by specialists on Islamism.

One such writer on this topic whose essays I have read in French and in Arabic, is the Algerian born Hamid Zanazi.

« L'Europe face à l'invasion islamique : Une civilisation en péril »  
“Europe facing the Islamic invasion - A civilization in danger” 
Published on 17 January 2019

A translated summary of the Book follows:

“France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain and Norway ... are today in the mouth of the wolf, refusing to understand that Islam never seeks to enrich a culture or integrate into a civilization. Its final goal is to supplant them before eradicating them. How, then, can we not be afraid of the threats posed by Islamism in view of the violence, attacks and murders that have become our daily lot?”

To read another article by Hamid Zanaz on the dangers of Islamism

The Return of “Religion” Among the Young is a Time-Bomb” http://www.unashamedofthegospel.org/thereturnofreligionamongtheyoungisatimebomb.cfm


 Biography of Hamid Zanaz
Freelance translator and journalist, Hamid Zanaz contributes to various Arabic and French publications. Permanent contributor to Al Awan, journal of the League of Arab Rationalists. He is the author of numerous essays, in both Arabic and French, touching on religion, politics or science in the Islamic world.