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What Every Christian Needs to Know About Islam

Marvin W. Heyboer

Submission contributes an essential guide for Christians concerned about Islam’s impact on our world. Heyboer’s thorough research and documentation from the authoritative texts of Christianity and Islam --- should make it clear to the reader an unvarnished view of Islam, of both its faith and its aggressive worldview.

Bassam Michael Madany, author/contributor at https://independent.academia.edu/BassamMichaelMadany

& www.unashamedofthegospel.org

Dr. Marvin W. Heyboer has earned degrees at Calvin College, Calvin Seminary, and San Francisco Theological Seminary. He has dedicated his life in defense of the poor and the oppressed. For the last fifteen years, he ministered onsite to numerous subjugated Christian minorities suffering under the authority of Islam, in Africa, the Near East, and the Far East, authored Journeys into the Heart and the heartland of Islam, served as guest speaker across the United States, and to international conferences convened in defense of persecuted minorities hosted by the International Christian Union, and is founder of African Widow and Orphan Support, a non-profit ministry to widow and orphan victims of militant jihadists in northern Nigeria.

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