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Jacob Thomas, a writer on Contemporary Islam



Political Islam and Its Justification of Terrorism (September 2005)
My Son’s Teacher was an Irhabi (Terrorist) (October 2005)
No Light on the Subject. A Most Troubling Experience (October 2005)
On the Eve of the Iraqi Referendum. Two Contrasting Views (October 2005)
How to Deal with the 'Other' (October 2005)
Western Intellectuals Need to Study Islam before Making Comments on the Subject (November 2005)
Where Arab Irrationalism Leads (November 2005)


A Sad Day in the History of the PCUSA (January 2006)
What’s Wrong with Moderate Muslims (January 2006)
An Advocate for Muslim Rights in Europe Cries Foul (February 2006)
Western Columnists Please do your Homework when Writing on Islam (March 2006)
Denial A Characteristic of the Islamic Mind (March 2006)
Human Rights Violations in Arab Prisons (March 2006)
Turkey A Case Study in Failure to Secularize (April 2006)
Moderate Muslims Muddy the Waters (April 2006)
The Constants and Conditions of Gulf Islam (May 2006)
Muslims Questioning Islam (May 2006)
Is Islam a Tolerant Religion (June 2006)
Reformation in Islam (June 2006)
Western Dhimmitude (June 2006)
Is Islam a Tolerant Religion Part II (July 2006)
Israel Facing the Islamist Declaration of War (July 2006)
Israel Facing the Islamist Declaration of War Part II (July 2006)
Israel Facing the Islamist Declaration of War Part III (July 2006)
Islam Confronting the World (August 2006)
Is Islam a Tolerant Religion Part III (August 2006)
Islam and the Sword (September 2006)
Islamic Imperialism (September 2006)
The Depreciation of Life in Islam (September 2006)
They are all Fascists and Nazis (September 2006)
Dialogue of Civilizations or Clash of Cultures (October 2006)
Moderate Muslim Lectures the West (October 2006)
The Armenian Genocide. Eighty Years Later (October 2006)
Karen Armstrong’s Campaign of Disinformation (November 2006)
The Legacy of Edward Said (November 2006)
Defining Turkey Today (December 2006)
You Call It Evangelism. Then what a Beautiful Evangelism it is (December 2006)


The Bloody History of Iraq (January 2007)

The Mini Dictator (February 2007)
A Thousand and One Fatwas (March 2007)
The Blind Spots of Bernard Lewis (March 2007)
The Shamelessness of Islamic Extremism (April 2007)
A Tale of Two States India and Pakistan (April 2007)
Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood (April 2007)
A New Minority in North Africa (May 2007)
Why Do the Copts of Egypt Fear Fridays (June 2007)
Yes the Suicide Bombers Are Muslims (July 2007)
The Myth of Islamophobia (August 2007)
Twenty First Century Dhimmitude (August 2007)
Does Blaming the Other Fix our Problems (September 2007)
Clarity versus Confusion (September 2007)
Clarity versus Confusion II (October 2007)
Why Dont Christians Learn from the Jewish Experience (November 2007)
Islam - The Root Cause of the Palestinian Problem (November 2007)
A Shocking Proposal for Arab Christians (November 2007)
Western Dhimmitude (December 2007)


A Confused and Misleading Forecaster (January 2008)
Seasons Greetings or Islamic Propaganda (January 2008)
Exploiting Western Dhimmitude (February 2008)
A Western Dhimmi (February 2008)
A Western Dhimmi part 2 (March 2008)
Empire of Faith or Islamic Imperialism (March 2008)
Losing the War against Jihadism (May 2008)
Bernard Lewis Strikes Back (May 2008)
Remembering the Assassination of Farag Foda (June 2008)
Are the Minnesota School Authorities that Ignorant (June 2008)
Our Men and Their Men (July 2008)
Is Fundamentalism the Highest Stage of Islam (July 2008)
Why Do our Young Adults Become Apostates (July 2008)
The Reasons for the Backwardness of Muslims (October 2008)
Violence against women in the Quran (October 2008)
Why Do our Young Adults Become Apostates Part 2 (October 2008)
Western Christian Dhimmitude Versus Islamic Intransigence (November 2008)
Apostasy or the Pilgrimage of Hajj Magdi from the Mosque to the Church (November 2008)
Does the Christian West Owe Anything to the Islamic East (November 2008)
Revisiting Islamic Imperialism (December 2008)
An Increase in the Islamic Terrorist Danger Facing Europe and America (December 2008)


The Onerous Rules and Regulations (January 2009)
Concerning a New Definition of Non Muslims (January 2009)
Algerians Turning Away from Islam (February 2009)
Reflections on the Flawed Historiography Of President Barack Obama (April 2009)
Sixty Years of Lost Opportunities (April 2009)
New Light on Slavery in the Islamic World (May 2009)
The Resumption of the Islamic Futuhat (May 2009)
Why the Multiplicity of Mosques (May 2009)
Islam's Law of Apostasy in Our Globalized World (June 2009)
The Intolerable Life of Dhimmis In 19th Century Damascus (June 2009)
Non Muslims in Algeria (July 2009)
So That Islam Might Not Die (July 2009)
The Absence of Freedom in The Lands Governed by Sharia (September 2009)
Anyone Who Claims that Jihad Does Not Originate from Religion (August 2009)
Islam and the Decline of the West (October 2009)