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The Conversion and Testimony of Sister Naomi

A Report by Bassam Michael Madany on

12 November 2016

Brother Rachid, a former Muslim who became a Christian believer, desired to communicate the Christian faith to Muslims in particular.  He began his effort to do so by hosting a television program on Al-Hayat Satellite Television. It commenced in the middle of February 2007. The program is called “A Daring Question” and consists of a 90-minute Interview conducted in Arabic.  He often has an expert on Islam on hand to discuss the belief system and followers of Islam.  He also has interviews with converts from Islam to Christianity. By mid-November, 2016, 468 shows have been telecast and archived. They may be accessed on: http://v1.brotherrachid.com/en-us/

It is interesting that many Muslim women have been attracted to the Christian faith and to date Brother Rachid has aired 19 Interviews with such women. Islam’s authoritative texts claim that women possess "small or deficient minds," and exist mainly for men's physical pleasures, both in this world and the next!  It is therefore not surprising that the women interviewed were attracted to Christ’s high regard for them

Almost every convert speaks about his/her quest for the Truth. Muslims are brought up to believe that Islam is the only true and final religion. Some of them who become disillusioned with its teachings, begin their search for the Truth, which they ultimately find in Jesus Christ

Another common feature among converts is their love for the Bible, and a desire to memorize much of it. Prior to their conversion, Muslims would have memorized Surahs and Ayas of the Qur'an. Now they freely quote from sections of the Arabic Bible: “The Sermon on the Mount,” and Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman. Converts consider themselves as having "crossed over" from darkness into the Light of Christ. The Arabic word for "Crossed-over" is 'Abir, pl. 'Abiroon (for men) and 'Abira, pl. 'Abiraat (for women)!

The following is a transcript of the testimony of Sister Naomi. She appeared in a telecast with Brother Rachid on the 17th of May, 2007, three months after his “A Daring Question” was launched on “Al-Hayat,” Satellite TV Station.

Brother Rachid

Welcome Sister Naomi. Let me ask first, in short, what brought you to the Christian faith?

Sister Naomi

It was my search for the Truth that I found in Jesus Christ.


Could you please tell us something about your background?


I grew up in a Muslim family of nine children; five sons, and four daughters. From my earliest days, I developed an inquisitive mind. Mother used to read for us from the Qur’an. She liked to tell us about the events of ‘Ashura when Imam Hussein and his company were massacred at Karbala, Iraq, (680 AD). The accounts of the conflicts of the early years of Islam about the Caliphate bothered me very much! As you know, three of the first four Caliphs were assassinated!

As a girl, I faced more problems in our society. Reading the Qur’an increased my questions.

Why should a man be allowed to marry four wives? And why can he so easily divorce his wife, or even beat her? Whenever I sought for answers, I got no convincing responses.  For example, there is a Hadith that relates the Prophet as saying: “The most hated thing before Allah is divorce.”  Now if that was the case, why did Allah allow it? It didn’t make sense!

Whenever I asked Sheikhs to explain a difficult question, the answer was always the same, “Allah A’lam,” Allah knows best!


What were some other questions for which you found no answers?


I was haunted by the world’s attitude toward the Arabs? Why aren’t we liked? What’s wrong with us?

Then, in matters of worship, I reasoned, if Allah was everywhere, why should I have to face Mecca in my five daily prayers?

My older brother had converted to Christianity; he wanted to help but I resisted, I clung to my Islamic faith.

After moving to Europe, I couldn’t deny the difference between European and Islamic societies. In the West, people helped one another. It isn’t so in our Muslim societies. All that perplexed me! I noticed genuine love between Christians; they spoke the truth; without exaggeration!

And yet, I regarded Christians as Kuffar (Infidels), so when I put some questions to them, my purpose was to fight them, since they believed Allah was Three beings. Yet, throughout all that time, there was an awful emptiness in my soul.


Can you tell us more details about your quest for the Truth?


I’ve often cried out to Allah, “please help me find the Truth!” When I would ask Christians about the subject, they referred to Jesus as “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Another of his saying was, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”

Another matter had perplexed me very much. Muhammad ordered us “to do good, and to refrain from evil.” However, even after I had attempted to do that, I could never be certain of making it to heaven! Assurance and security were lacking!

I also fretted about the status of Muslim women; their lot was worse off than women in the rest of the world. There was nothing fair in polygamy; no man can equally treat his wives; he’ll always have his favorite!  

Muhammad married more than four wives; yet he was firmly against his cousin Ali, who had married Fatima (the only daughter of the Prophet from his first wife, Khadijah) to take another wife!

Divorce has always been a threat and a nightmare for a Muslim wife; her husband may divorce her any time by declaring publicly his decision! Add to add, the Qur’an allows a husband to beat his wife if she disobeys his whims!

Half-way during the telecasts, phone calls and emails come from listeners/viewers. A caller claimed that Naomi was not a genuine convert; she was playing that role to deceive the Muslim audience!


What’s your answer to that caller?


Certainly, I am a convert; I was looking for the Truth, and I found it in Jesus, the Messiah. He is revealed in the Holy Bible; I put my trust in Him. He saved me, and has given me peace of mind, and assurance about my eternal life in Heaven.

I appeal to every Muslim listening to this program, no one can answer your perplexing questions, but Jesus Christ. He is appealing to you,"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

Remember that the Bible reveals God as a loving Heavenly Father. He demonstrated that to us by sending Jesus to save us from our sons. This is the true Injeel, the Gospel of salvation:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

End of the Interview.

One cannot but be moved with such a testimony. Here is a lady from Iraq who had grown up a Muslim; and from her earliest days became aware of certain problems with her inherited faith. She began questioning Islamic teachings regarding women; and was puzzled by the view that Christians were “Infidels”. When seeking answers, she met with responses that didn’t satisfy her. As she got acquainted with the Christian faith, she realized that she discovered the truth she had been seeking!

As we study Brother Rachid’s weekly shows, we find that Sister Naomi’s experience is duplicated among other Muslims, both men and women. This phenomenon may surprise many experts on Islam, but it cannot be denied or ignored. The mass media and the ease of communications across continents, have made it possible for Muslims to learn about other faiths and worldviews. While changing one’s faith for a Muslim is forbidden by the tenets of Islam, some Muslims, fully aware of rules regarding apostasy, are crossing over to Christianity. We thank God for these new opportunities to spread the Gospel, and nourish new Christians with the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.